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The presentation of SIPS classes perpetuate only through the positive feedback given by participants, as reflective of their own personal experiences. The comments shown below are actual responses collected over the past eight years: 

This is an all-inclusive, must-take course, taught by leaders in the industry. It was the quickest five-day course I've ever taken! Great job!

~ Gregory, WA

If you would like to learn the fundamentals of beginning artisanal distilling, then this course is essential. Absolutely, it is the best bang for your training budget.

~ Dana, VA

Prior to the class I had been doing unstructured research online with little progress. This class has given me the framework I needed to make a plan and to discover what I needed to know.

~ Roy, WA

Fantastic learning environment, from course materials to instructor knowledge base. I look forward to continued conversations and educational information in the future.

~ Ken, WA

If you are starting a distillery, you should take this class.

~ Joel, WA

As an aspiring distiller, this was the single best educational experience to jump-start my business. Invaluable.

~ Mark, VA

The course was excellent for the money and time allowed.

~ Jake, WA

A good overview of starting a distillery.

~ Chuck, WA

Wow. A ton of information was covered and it really said a lot about a fledgling industry. The instructors were great and clearly showed passion for the industry. Thanks! I learned so much!

~ Dennis, WA

Thanks for the great Class 3. It was truly a class act. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to distill.

~ Craig, WA

I want to thank you again for the workshop. I really enjoyed the week, and am looking forward to exploring a small craft distillery business. I will be checking back with you as things progress. I have had the opportunity to do one- and two-week sessions on various disciplines all over the country, including Harvard and Yale. I've got to say, your program was just as robust and top-notch in calibre. I tip my hat to you! Thanks!

~ Michael, WA

Overall, the syllabus looks amazing and I'm excited to get in there and learn!

~ Scott, WA

Spirits Institute Puget Sound's Craft Distillation workshop has me dreaming constantly of starting a craft distillery. I am finally able to realize my dream, with your help!

~ Elton, TX

You rock! SIPS Class was worth every penny at twice the price! Thank you for a phenomenal workshop. Your classes were professionally organized and exceeded my expectations. Also, I appreciate the time that you gave us individually when we had questions. Thank you again for the education!

~ Scot, NC

Great class! Hard to imagine a more useful way to get all of the information contained in your syllabus in such a short time. The ability to ask questions and benefit from hearing others' questions was the best part for me. Terrific program! I really enjoyed it. I feel much more grounded in organizing my research and planning. Certainly saved huge amounts of time and energy for me.

~ Ken, WA

The SIPS course was an excellent overview and I highly recommend it for anyone in the process of starting a craft distillery or contemplating doing so. The basics of distilling course content was good but the component sections on the business side and the all important section on marketing and social media were excellent.

~ Rick, FL

Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed your class and how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into the whole production.

~ Russell, TX

Thanks for putting on a great Class 5 at Batch 206 Distillery. I had a great time and feel much more confident in my decision to jump into the distilling industry!

~ J.P., MT

SIPS Class 5 was worth every dime! I really appreciate all of the effort that was taken to ensure that there was not a wasted moment or missed opportunity to learn something that will help me with my journey into the distilling business. From the camaraderie that was developed amongst my classmates, the opportunity to ask detailed questions, and most importantly the chance to work hands-on with some great equipment, this class was just what I was looking for.

~ Roy, WA

Thank you for the week at your distillery, I returned home inspired and determined after attending SIPS Class 6. SIPS and Batch 206 offered a unique opportunity for me, the novice, to experience what is possible to accomplish. I feel that SIPS' classes are worth every penny, and I look forward to the possibility of working with them in the future!

~ Kevin, BC

The engaging SIPS Class 6 was the knowledge-building step that I needed, which gave me the confidence and know-how to work in distilleries and to establish my own. You will meet great professionals and build memories you won't soon forget!

~ Jesse, WA

I certainly found SIPS Class 6 to be both fun and very informative, and I now feel comfortable operating a distillery and assisting others to do so.

~ Dan, NV

I don't think that I have stopped talking about SIPS Class 6 to everyone back home. It was truly a great experience meeting you! A great hands-on and informative class! I enjoyed my experience!

~ Thomas, WA

I mailed a check to the address listed on the SIPS Web site. Please lock me in for a place in SIPS Class 7 -- I am looking forward to this amazing class and your brilliant instruction.

~ Dustin, WA

There is a lot you need to know to open a craft distillery, and I am amazed by how much of it this course covered in just five days! I even felt that I had gotten my money’s worth by the end of the second day. Since being a part of SIPS Class 8, I have realized that the course gave me a full framework for my continued learning and experiences. No matter what I’m learning through reading or talking with other people in the industry, it all ties easily back to topics covered in the Spirits Institute course. Rusty and the other presenters do a great job of covering the full lay of the land, and they have been great at fielding follow-up questions. By taking the SIPS course, you are not getting just a week’s worth of information. You are joining a community.

~ Mark, WA

I would recommend the SIPS Class as well. I attended SIPS Class 9, and I can say that Rusty Figgins is not just a great guy ~ he covers basically everything you would ever need to know in order to open your own craft distillery.

~ Sam, WA

I have attended several distilling courses, including one at Cornell University, and not all of them are created equal. Some skim over the actual distillation process in favor of promoting a high-end manufacturer of still equipment.

In my humble opinion, the course that Rusty Figgins gives in Seattle covers everything you will need to know to get a fledgling distillery off the ground. I took Rusty's Class 11 having a background in home-brewing and alcohol fuel production. My DSP is now pending as his coverage of Social Media, TTB Compliance, equipment, labels, bottles, grain suppliers, cooperage, marketing, networking et cetera has made the difficult journey 100 times easier and he makes a good product (I can't say that about everyone).

The course at SIPS is absolutely worth double the money and twice the time. I'm sure there are other wonderful courses out there but my experience with SIPS has been spot-on. Rusty has the formal education plus a lifetime of experience in the wine and distilled spirits industries. And they serve one hell of a lunch!

~ Joe, NJ

I highly recommend SIPS! I attended SIPS Class 13 and it was extremely valuable. Although I came to the class with quite a bit of distilling knowledge, this class helped fill in all the gaps (especially at the commercial/production level). Spending a whole day learning from an ex-TTB agent was by far the most valuable piece of the class for me.

~ Patrick, WA

I have taken a few distillery courses now, and SIPS is by far the best experience I have had! All speakers are experts in their respective field. I enjoyed the hand-on portions especially. Even the food was excellent! The SIPS course is a must if you are thinking of getting into the business, or have already started and just need some pointers.

~ Ollie, NC

SIPS 15 was fantastic. The class was professionally organized and presented - with a wealth of great information. The mix of hands-on and classroom presentations was excellent, and it kept it very relevant and interesting. I’m certain that this class more than paid for itself in terms of cost-saving ideas for our start-up. I highly recommend the SIPS class to anyone considering getting into distilling!

~ Mark, MD

I wanted to thank SIPS once again for the informative class! Armed with this new information, I now think of my distillery project in a different manner with a renewed passion and excitement to delve into the different aspects I learned as an attendee of SIPS Class 17. I enjoyed the SIPS teaching style and upbeat demeanor. Mr Figgins is a great teacher with a vast knowledge of the craft distilling industry and is a great presenter of all the material provided. The other SIPS presenters and guest speakers were a great asset to the class and did a great job of presenting their material. I look forward to attending future SIPS masterclasses to further my education!

~ Mike, OR

I would like once again to thank you for a truly great educational experience during SIPS Class 17. Having had no experience in the distilling industry and looking for an honest, no-holds-barred, aerial view of what a distillery business might look like -- plus an in-depth view into all the important components thereof -- I feel I walked away with valuable wisdom, tools and hard-won, rubber-meets-the-road kind of knowledge which will allow me to make informed decisions on how to move forward. I would also like to mention the presenters. Their enthusiasm was infectious and they were all professionals in their respective fields. I walked away feeling as though I had a great team that I could fall back on for any advice or services need in the future.

~ Jeff, OR

Thank you, I really enjoyed SIPS Class 18! My business partner and I started on the business plan as soon as I got back. I appreciate all of the information and guidance!

~ Joe, OR

For anyone curious, nervous or confused about what it takes to open and run a distillery, the comprehensive SIPS course is a fantastic way to encourage and empower. Fitting all the puzzle pieces together for your business can be daunting, and this class gives you a complete picture of what’s ahead. It’s a great combination of positive reinforcement and reality checks. SIPS speakers not only get granular on the practical aspects of distilling, they drill down on every detail of establishing and running a business. The best part is that they bring it alive, encouraging lively discussion and making even the most potentially dry content fascinating. I felt really engaged throughout the class. I was able to meet and bounce ideas off people at my startup level, as well as with seasoned professionals who are all excited to help, and who offered a serious leg up. Added perks were some great tasting events on-site and at local pubs. I was truly sad as a SIPS Class 23 member when it was all over ~ thank you to Mr Figgins and all his great guest speakers!

~ John, WA

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