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Copyright (©) & Legal

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, all textual and graphical content presented herein is the sole intellectual property of Spirits Institute Puget Sound.

The Institute enjoys copyright protection under federal and state law for its trade-names, logotypes, brandy snifter symbol and syllabus. The Institute is represented by legal counsel who is charged with the responsibility of litigating any instances of infringement upon these properties.

Notice is hereby given that no portion of this site may be appropriated for any commercial interest or reproduced in any form, public or private, without the written permission of Spirits Institute Puget Sound.

Additionally, no liability shall arise for the cancellation of scheduled classes, arising from lack of minimum enrollment. Two weeks' notice will be given in such a case. Its equivalent value in consultation fees can be credited to the individual, or applied to the next session's registration fees.  

 In the rare and unfortunate case that low enrollment results in cancellation, your registration is applied to the next SIPS class, immune to any increase in tuition fees. 

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